how we work

we help your business to find new innovative ways to stand out from your competition and to stay alive in the world of everyday disruptions.

we do.


the best way to get started is to sit down and talk. once we find the common ground for innovation possibilities, we dig deeper to fully understand your ambitions, plans, goals and resources to show you all the possibilities and start the cooperation.

strategic design

having a holistic view of your business situation, we get to strategic business design, define your unique value proposition, your services, processes, resources, cost and revenue streams to be able to have an overview of the project, from strategic mission to small details of execution.

we need just 1 call, 2 days and 1 meeting to show you what your product or service could look like. no pointless planning, no hidden agenda, straight to maximizing your business.
  • agile development

    after the successful finish of rapid testing, we are ready to conquer the market. because of dynamics of current business ecosystem, is it simply impossible to develop a product/service for long months without being able to quickly adapt and reacttothe new changes. that is where agile development comes in, a week-to-week development strategy, that dynamically adjusts to the current changes in the market and enables us to have the most up-to-date solution everytime, being one step ahead of everyone else.

  • rapid testing

    enough talking and imaginating, let’s get to work. to start, we go quick and dirty, we design a mvp (minimum viable product), which is the proven fastest way how to test innovative ideas. basing on the results, we evaluate whether the concept works or what can be adjusted to fulfill customers’ needs. once we have a successful test, we start building.

  • growth hacking

    for more than a decade, we have been helping dozens of companies to grow their businesses. from budgets of few thousand to hundreds thousands dollars. we know how to do marketing right, how to develop the business and make it grow. from zero to a sucessful end.

let’s talk

to start (with), we would like to invite you to a 2-hour design studio, where we define your needs, brainstorm solutions and discuss expectations.

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