about us

we are digital natives who were born in the age of digital transformation.

technology is an integral part of everyone’s life, and we want you to keep up the pace with dynamics of the world we live in. because we are working, teaming and building products for people, we are human centred. only this way you can unlock human potential to develop solutions to the problems we face, using our human perspectives along the way, but don’t be mistaken, we are not individuals to pass your project on. we will be collaboratively working with you. It’s essential to us to understand your needs, so we can hit the target and don’t miss it. and yes, we will be having fun along the way.

while using the latest innovative tools to excel, we love to get your and our heads out of the box to exploit our creativity and playfulness at most. we are in our mid-20s, driven by maximalism and passion - this is why we are the best at projects that we fall in love with at the first sight. once we get deeply involved, you can expect us to be proactive at the maximum. From the first meeting to handing the finished product back to you. compelling stories and storytelling i s our thing.

  • digital native

    born and raised during digital era. considering technology to be an integral part of everyone’s life, we want you to keep up the pace with such dynamic world.

  • human centred

    unlocking human potential to develop solutions by involving the human perspective in all steps of the process.

  • collaborative

    working closely with a client side by side is essential to understand the needs and meet the target.

  • creative and playful

    a playful environment creates a level of trust where creativity flows freely. we use the latest innovative tools to deliver and excel.

  • storytellers

    forming our strategic advice and innovative solutions into successful stories which inspire, accelerate and transform businesses.

  • enthusiastic

    putting our hearts in every step of the project and eager to be deeply involved.

  • SmileCar

    giving a birth to the biggest car
    sharing in the Czech Republic

let’s talk

to start (with), we would like to invite you to a 2-hour design studio, where we define your needs, brainstorm solutions and discuss expectations.

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